Monday, 11 January 2016

My love affair with the Instant Pot

instant pot
Now I don't usually do this, but I must talk about my new kitchen toy -- The Instant Pot 7-in-1 pressure cooker.

After spending the autumn watching Masterchef Australia (adore that show!) I became enamoured with the nifty gadget all the contestants were using on the side of their benches. Their pressure cookers. And I wanted one.

Now, I grew up with a pressure cooker in the house. It was predominantly used to make brown rice quickly and was one of those old stove-top versions. There was something very hippie-ish and wholesome about it (well, at least in my memories of it!), but until recently didn't think I needed one in my kitchen.

Then the vision of beauty that is the InstantPot came into my life. It's electric, so I don't have worry about having the stove on for hours; it's streamline and sleek, but most importantly it has 7 different settings/features, so it works as a pressure cooker/slow cooker/rice cooker etc and a YOGURT MAKER**! 

Since I got the InstantPot for Christmas, I've been pretty addicted to it -- looking up recipes, reading the blogs & forums, and imagining meals of ribs & brisket, cooked after work in time for dinner. It doesn't get much better! So every week, my Tesco order now includes a large hunk of meat that will be tenderly pressurised into a gorgeous paleo/low carb meal!

But the best part thing about the Instant Pot? I can make my silky-gelatinuous-nourishing-gut healing bone broth in a FRACTION of the time it would normally take. It's no secret that I love bone broth - heck, I tweet regularly about it, have reviewed mail-order bone broth companies & praise my local butchers for their continuous supply of bones. But honestly, making it is a FAFF. But not any more! Now, with this pressure cooker, I can make bone broth that gels (that's the important part!) in minimum 90 minutes (but I usually go up to 2-3hours), instead of a whopping 18hours in a slow cooker! And because the pot is completely sealed, there's no steam-room effect in my kitchen!

Needless to say, this InstantPot is the BEST thing I have bought (well, been given!) in a long, long time. If you want to make quick, homemade, nutritious food and if you want to utilise cheaper, tougher cuts of meat, do yourself a favour and invest in this product. 

**I've tried the yoghurt setting once...I wasn't overly successful, but I'm excited to try again & perfect it!

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